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Point-of-Sale Integrated Platform

The LoyalTree platform is built upon a robust data integration with leading point-of-sale systems. Our ability to communicate with your point-of-sale in real time provides a brand new digital avenue for cutting-edge services. We can enable a mobile or web app to communicate directly to your POS by passing through our Universal API. Our platform ingests millions of transactions daily and can process and pair that data to do some truly incredible things. For example, our API can power online ordering, payments, gift cards, offers, loyalty, or simply provide best-in-class reporting tools.


Create services powered by the LoyalTree API. From offers sent via beacons to POS reporting, our technology can make it easier.


Our platform scales with you, whether it's daily reports or millions of real-time transactions.


Marketing ROI and consumer spending has never been so easy to track.

How it Works

Connect directly to your customers with accurate point-of-sale generated data. Whether you're a multinational media company or single-location frozen yogurt shop, you're going to love what the data can do for you.

  • API end-points sync up with our cloud-based POS Connect solution.

  • POS Connect taps directly into your point-of-sale with two-way communication.

  • Redemption or Attribution takes place at the point-of-sale and is captured by LoyalTree.

  • The resulting redemption enables powerful consumer data and data-driven retargeting.

  • Once the attribution loop is complete the unique offer code is invalidated as the system learns more about spending preferences with every use.