Transaction intelligence & customer insights for the mobile world

The LoyalTree Advantage

We've built an agnostic, scalable, hardware free point-of-sale integration that allows seamless communication between item-level transactions and consumer mobile devices: all in real time. The sku-level transaction data powers personalized mobile advertisements, targeted offers, and purchase intelligence that merge the online, mobile, and offline worlds.

The personalization metric

Reach the right customers with their very own offers.

With access to historical buying data, we can create predictive transaction intelligence.

Imagine being able to know exactly when your customers are in the market for their newest jeans... and surprising them with a personalized offer at exactly the perfect time.

A completely magical customer experience

Because it's time to fall in love again.

Knowing your customers' exact buying preferences can increase basket size, visit frequency, and overall lifetime value.

LoyalTree can help them fall in love all over again by powering the future of your personalized outreach.

Measure Everything

Measure promotion roi in real time.

With LoyalTree, you can instantly see results of every promotion in real time.

Get instant feedback on redemption trends, market-specific results, key demographic response, and incremental revenue created.


LoyalTree Features

With LoyalTree, your possibilities are limitless.

Automated rewarding

Instantly, and automatically, reward customers

First Visit Bonus

Attract new customers by providing a 1st visit bonus

Direct to device deals

Target the perfect customer segment & personalize deals

Integrated programs

Reward your most valuable customers based on spend

Real time analytics

Use transaction intelligence to increase sales & revenue

Item-level rewards

Reward your customers for their exact purchase contents

Geofence rewards

Distribute deals and news based on customers' location

Instant feedback

Get real-time feedback from customers on their experience

Daypart bonus

Provide added rewards during slower times of the day


Point-of-sale Redemption

Close the loop. Determine whether an impression leads to an actual in-store purchase, and analyze the contents of these purchases. We enable distribution and real-time measurement of unique, proprietary, single-use mobile offers for in-store redemptions. The depth of our integration allows for item-level and brand-specific discounts that measure channel attribution, total basket composition, consumer lifetime value, and much more.

Some of our integration partners

Micros Retail Pro Dinerware NCR Aloha LAVU Point of Sale Revel Systems POSitouch Lionwise POS

Connect your apps and get LoyalTree features everywhere.

We've built ways to easily customize the mobile experience and make it your very own. Whether it's a fully branded white label application, or an SDK integration into one of your existing mobile products, these features and capabilities are at your fingertips.